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First off, any questions, comments, stories, inquiries on early Griffiths I have a new email address.  I am spelling / spacing it out to avoid those spam machines which wrecked my old posted address, please email me at:

J O E @ G R I F F I T H C L U B . C O M 

   Joe Rauh 10/15/05


Welcome all to the homepage of the new reborn web-based Griffith Club of America.
Since the club now covers the world, we have renamed it to 'The Griffith Club'. This is a car club dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the car known as a
Griffith. I've been out lately, but hope to have this page redesigned soon, with easier links. Also the registry will be reorganized into pages for the separate Griffiths since so many are having viewing problems.

The Griffith is an American car born under the same lineage as the A/C Cobra.  In 1963 Jack Griffith basically took a TVR body and Chassis and stuffed a small block Ford (289) into it.  So, many call it the TVR Griffith since it came from TVR lineage.  Mike Mooney has written a book about the Griffith, and is a MUCH BETTER reference than I am in the historical details.  There were about 300 cars produced from 1963 to 1967. Most of them were assembled in New York, about 54 assembled in England, and rumors of a few in Australia.

A new page (as of 10/26/01, updated 12/05/01) is the Newsletter/Forum Page. This page is an ongoing journal of the Club. The pages will be indexed monthly, but individual sections will be updated with the latest information that is available to the club. It is also an open Forum for people to write in to give opinion or information on topics pertinent to the club. Simply email the Club Contact to add, correct, update, enhance or dispute content of the Forum.

For History, there are much better web sites associated with TVR that can tell their version of the history of the Griffith 200 and 400 series. The Griffith Club highly recommends members to join the TVR Car Clubs, not only for the newsletters, but for the club events and fine people involved with them. The two primary clubs are TVRCC (the international TVR car club), and TVRCCNA The TVR Car Club of North America. One of the best TVR sites for information is Taming the Truculent Troll, an excellent, well maintained site (Great job Charlie!). The Links page for sites of interest has not been setup yet, because the registry is taking top priority. For Griffith 600 information, the Intermeccanica site (one of the best researched sites I have ever seen) can tell you all about the 14 or 15 cars that Jack Griffith put together that were sometimes referred to as the Griffith 600.

This site is specifically intended for the ongoing support of the current owners, reference point for old owners, and to answer questions for interested parties. For the accurate recording of Griffiths, a protected Registry is being re-compiled to help track these cars. Links are available in the registry to see pictures and more information on each member’s car. Some of these cars have unknown owners today. A small History of the Club will soon be available for those interested; but for now it is currently, a list of past known owners, who are currently out of contact with the club.

We are very interested in finding as many of these 300 vehicles as possible. I have listed names of past owners on the current History of the Club page. If you are one of these owners, or know of one, please let me know. If you used to be an owner, please contact me, I need your information, and may be able to find your old car for you. If you own one of these rare cars, or just know of the whereabouts of one, please send email to the Club Contact so he may try to trace it down.

For current owners and interested parties, please use the Club Contact for your questions.

For Griffith owners, this is a free club. The club is to serve members in need of any sort of help. The club will be treat the information supplied by members as confidential by default. The online Registry will consist of an owner's name, and production number of his vehicle, any maybe an email address. The name, and serial number will be left as anonymous if the owner desires. An spot will be left available for a picture and additional info if the owner desires. For owners who want to be on a regular email list, that will be available. For those interested in cars or parts for sale, we have a Sales or Wanted page

For the Tuscan and other early TVR V-8 owners, if demand is strong enough, we will be opening a page for you.